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Reasons Why Your Bread Might Be Dense

Reasons Why Your Bread Might Be Dense

A student in class  wanted to know some of the reasons why a loaf of bread might turn out dense. So I began this answer… which turned into a post: Some reasons why your bread might be dense:

The Last Three Days of January Contest Winners

The Last Three Days of January Contest Winners

  The winners of the Last Three Days of January contest have been chosen!

What Can You Do The Last Three Days of January?


Hello fellow bakers! I’ve been baking up a storm this first month of 2016. I hope you’ve had fun baking too! Udemy gave notice that they are setting the bar (new pricing structure) higher for their online courses (no more 10.00 specials), so I decided to have my own little special discount this last weekend […]

Blister Crust Glaze for Sourdough Bread


You could be eating fresh bread out of a hot oven on a cold day… doesn’t that sound nice? Winter is such a great time to bake! You can warm up your kitchen with the smells of fresh bread and have everyone desperate for that loaf to finally cool enough to slice into. Some bakers […]

Special Exclusive Offer on the Brod and Taylor Proof...


Hello baker friends! Here is the much awaited post on how to get your Brod and Taylor amazing special offer just for my followers (yay!). Follow the directions below that were sent to me by B&T:  Teresa, We have the offer for a free Shelf-Kit and free shipping with the purchase of one Folding Proofer […]

Gratitude Celebration – Happy New Year! (Pssst...

Gratitude Celebration – Happy New Year! (Pssst…Link Treasure!)

I have so much to be grateful for as the old year passes into the new. I am grateful that I did not cut off the end of my own finger over the holidays because I came close to doing just that with a really sharp knife and a shiny (slippery) crunchy crust of sourdough. […]

New Course Launch! Bake the Best Bagels!

New Course Launch! Bake the Best Bagels!

I’ve launched a new sourdough baking course! It’ called “Bake the Best Bagels.” I had so much fun making this course as you could imagine. My family ate lots and lots of bagels as I filmed. You can get addicted to thick chewy bagels! All of my baking courses are online, at your own pace and […]

Un-Boxing and Demo – Kitchen Aid Mixer 6000 HD...

Un-Boxing and Demo – Kitchen Aid Mixer 6000 HD Professional

I received my new Kitchen Aid Mixer in the mail. I un-boxed it on video so you can all see what it looks like and how it works. Amazon had a one day sale and I got it for almost half price. It’s the one horsepower motor mixer and I really like it. Without further […]

Playing Around With Gluten Free Bread Baking

Playing Around With Gluten Free Bread Baking

I have a neighbor who has to eat gluten free so I told him I would play around with the gluten free flour available in the regular grocery stores. I did not use sourdough, I used commercial yeast and had to go buy some at the store. It was a it weird but I wanted […]

Free Download: “Reach for Joy.”

Free Download: “Reach for Joy.”

Reach for Joy    <<<<<<<——–  Click here to get a free download – for a very short time! I glanced up and many in the audience were wiping tears from their eyes. I was astonished! It was my first book reading ( I read excerpts to the audience) and signing for my memoir and I […]

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