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Cheese Onion Batter Bread with sourdough starter NW

I made up some one day sourdough batter bread with onions and cheese, yum!

I mixed up the dough at 10:00 am and four hours later it was proofed:


I used all bread flour and used my North West sourdough starter in the dough. Using all bread flour was necessary for the weight it had to hold with the cheese chunks and onions. It made up about 5lbs 6oz of dough at 81% hydration.As soon as the dough was proofed, I stirred in the onions:


and cheese:


I stirred all together with my hands, the gluten was well developed and stretchy, the dough was nice and soft without being sticky.

I filled the bread pans about half way with the batter:

half way

It took three hours to proof because of the weight of the onions and cheese chunks. Here is the bread within 20 minutes of being baked:


Here are the loaves baked up:



Here is a picture of the inside:


This is a wonderful sourdough bread. There is so much variety in using your sourdough starters. Don’t limit yourself to just baking a sourdough white!

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  1. Gina Gina
    July 12, 2006    

    Oh my! Okay, which starter did you use? And what is that thing you are mixing it in? And where do I buy those things for in the oven?

    I’ve become addicted to the ORGANIC soudough rolls from Whole Foods, but, at .89 cents a pop it’s an expensive addiction!!! I’ve never baked a loaf of bread in my entire life but I NEED to make my own soudough rolls (they are fantastice with Whole Food’s albacor tuna salad, or carmalized onions, turkey slices, lettuce, tomato and curry seasoned maynonaise…YUM!)

  2. July 6, 2006    

    Hmmm, I’ve gotta get some of those bread baking tins.:)
    Good stuff Teresa.

  3. Gary Taylor Gary Taylor
    July 6, 2006    


    All I can say is WOW!


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