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Baking Sourdough Course – 90% O...

Baking Sourdough Course – 90% OFF – 3 Days Only!

Hi Everyone, Happy Birthday USA! I am running a 90% off special on my sourdough baking course. Here’s the code for the special discount:  Bake Real Artisan Sourdough Breads like  Professional  .

My Favorite Baking Equipment – ...

My Favorite Baking Equipment – Gotta – Wanna –

I am often asked where I get this piece of baking equipment or that one. I have done a few posts on singular items but no posts on an inclusive list of baking equipment I use or want to use. These are mostly Amazon links and I am an affiliate. It won’t cost you anymore […]

RIP Mom <3

RIP Mom <3

  Martha Hosier, my sweet, gentle mom left this earth today. I just want to post this to honor her memory.  In this picture she was a young woman, she left behind 12 children, 54 grandchildren and her best friend and lover for almost 60 years (this October), my dad, Richard. She ultimately died of […]

Live with Barrett: Radio Interview wi...

Live with Barrett: Radio Interview with Teresa L Greenway

Barrett had problems connecting at first so there is a space before she starts in. Live With Barrett: Interview with Teresa L Greenway – Northwest Sourdough Barrett has some great interviews with women entrepreneurs. Check out some of her other interviews if you are interested. Also see: Barrett’s Wisdom and Wellness Workshop. My new course “Rediscover […]

Bake Real Artisan Sourdough Bread Cou...

Bake Real Artisan Sourdough Bread Course – LIVE!

For two months I’ve been working on my Udemy online bread  baking course. It’s called,“BAKE REAL ARTISAN SOURDOUGH BREAD Like a Professional” I think you’ll really like it. If you click HERE  you can see the landing page and get more information. The link will also automatically give you a discount to the class. Once you […]

Biggest Discount Ever for book, ̶...

Biggest Discount Ever for book, “Discovering Sourdough”… Time’s Running Out…

Times running out to get your copy of my four volume book, “Discovering Sourdough,” for the lowest price ever offered.

More Videos on Youtube for Sourdough ...

More Videos on Youtube for Sourdough Bakers

Hi all you great home bakers! I am sorry!  I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to post here as often as I would like. I have been making new videos, coming up with new formulas and having a lot of fun. I have also been writing a book, no two books and […]

Reopening my Blog – So Grateful...

Reopening my Blog – So Grateful to All of You.

Hello everyone! As the new year draws to a close and a brand new year is just about to begin, I’ve decided to reopen my blog and continue on with my newest book, “100% Sourdough.” The last several years have been devastating for me. I fled an abusive marriage which lasted 30 years. I thought […]

My Dear Friend…

My Dear Friend…

My dear friend, MC’s (of the blog, Farine) grandson, Noah has been murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre this morning. Please visit her site and offer words of condolences. So many of you know her and have benefited from her wonderful blog over the years. I met her at Kneading Conference West last year and […]

Kneading Conference West 2012 Part II

Kneading Conference West 2012 Part II

Kneading Conference West is a three day event held in September at the Washington State University Extension and Research facility in Mt. Vernon. It brings  together bakers, plant breeders, millers, brewers and even oven builders, all with some connection to grain.

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