New Addition to Magnificent Sourdough

There is a new addition to my Magnificent Sourdough page. Baker Judd Friedman’s bread, Pain de Campagne is showcased.

To see his bread and visit his site, just go to the dropdown list of the Magnificent Sourdough tab at the top of the page. Or link through the picture of his delicious looking bread above.

Visit the Magnificent Sourdough page to see other bakers whose breads have been showcased. You can submit a magnificent sourdough that you have baked or another baker’s bread that you would like to see showcased. Just follow the directions on the page.


One Response to 'New Addition to Magnificent Sourdough'

  1. Kathy says:

    I absolutely adore sourdough, but I just do not have the time nor knowledge to get started. Can you offer any advice for a simple whole wheat sourdough that is easy to make and keep going without much hassle? Thank you!

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