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“Discovering Sourdough” launched for Kindle – Contest


The winners for this contest are Susan, Tom Chism and Jim Berg. Check your post below for directions. The book review winner is Mark who posted “A happy sourdough baker” on the Amazon book reviews. Congratulations to the winners. Be sure to let me know which file format you desire and send an email to : [email protected] so I have your email address. I usually have to send the files in two or more emails.

Yesterday my book, “Discovering Sourdough” was launched on Amazon as a Kindle version. See here: Discovering Sourdough


So I have decided to have a giveaway contest.

There are four books altogether:


It is really one book, but four volumes. It is so large that I had to divide it into sections. To celebrate the launch of this new version I will be giving away a complete set (all four volumes) to three lucky people who comment on this post. If you win you can select a Kindle version or a Pdf version of the book( I also have the ePub version for the ipad available).


For anyone who has read Discovering Sourdough, it would help the book’s ratings if you were to do a short review on Amazon for each volume of the Kindle version. Anyone who gives a review will have an additional chance to win a complete book as there will be a separate drawing of the names of people who have given a review (four reviews, four chances). That will be a total of four free books given away in this contest.


The contest will run until Sunday, April 22. The drawings will be on Monday April 23.


If you wish to own a Kindle version of the book but you do not own a Kindle, there is a free Kindle viewer download here: Free Kindle Reading Apps


I wish to thank Dion Houston Sr for helping me with the conversion and the support to get this project finished. Thanks Dion!


Happy Baking!










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  1. George Holly George Holly
    March 21, 2016    

    Hi! I was given a starter from a dear friend, a Tlingít elder in Southeast Alaska who has had it for 40 years and got it from a Yupik woman from Western Alaska.

    I’m trying many different recipes and am eager to try yours.

    Athabaskan man from SouthCentral Alaska.


  2. May 1, 2012    

    Congratulations Teresa…now I am going to get the free app for my iPhone..though I may go blind, it’s a worthy cause…

    Good Work!


    • northwestsourdough northwestsourdough
      May 2, 2012    

      Jeremy, I have the book in epub and pdf form as well. I would not want to view it on a phone! You can also download a kindle viewer for your computer.

      Thank you!!


  3. Mike Stirk Mike Stirk
    April 22, 2012    

    Hi Teresa,Thanks for the e-mail almost missed the deadline! Congradulations on the new book!! I’m still using the same Northwest Sourdough Starter that I purchased from you many years ago. Thank you for the “Northwest Sourdough Forum” I’ve it many times over the years for recipes and information. I don’t own a Kindle so I guess if I win it will give me a good excuse to buy one!! Once again “Thank You” Mike

  4. Vicki Baldwin Vicki Baldwin
    April 22, 2012    

    I have been following your bread making for years. I still have the first starter I got from you.

  5. Ken Nesheim Ken Nesheim
    April 22, 2012    

    I look forward to reading your new book and learning more about baking.

  6. April 22, 2012    

    Your breads always look fantastic! Maybe with help of your book I can get mine to be as good.

  7. Henry Dowgielewicz Henry Dowgielewicz
    April 22, 2012    

    Hi. I’m not into kissing butt just to win a contest. I have baked sourdough for decades. I capture the wild yeast for all of my starters. Good luck on your endeavors.

  8. April 22, 2012    

    It’s good to see that you have found new ways to share all the things you know about baking good bread even if once upon a time nobody has ever wanted to publish it because it was too detailed. It seems as one good person with a strong willing to do what she or he believes is enough for the rest of all the boring narrow minded people.

    Please go on doing what you believe. This world needs more people like you and I am sure that there are more people who needs more detailed books like your’s in every aspect of life.

    Sincere thanks for all you have done so far for good bread and your efforts to share the knowledge you know about it with the rest of the world.

  9. Carole J. Carole J.
    April 21, 2012    

    Congratulations on the launch of your new book. I also want to thank you for all the time and work you have put into your blog. I have been making sourdough for many years, but it wasn’t until I found your website and blog that I had ever made sourdough English Muffins. WOW! We love the recipe.

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful recipes!

  10. Cynthia Jones Cynthia Jones
    April 21, 2012    

    You have helped me to finally make a loaf of Sourdough bread that my friends can’t believe I baked because of all the horrid messes I turned out before reading your books online. I can’t thank you enough for generously sharing your knowledge.

  11. Ann Zavala Ann Zavala
    April 21, 2012    

    I am continuing to make sourdough, experimenting, eating and enjoying it all – I’m getting out the information to everyone I know who bakes so they can enjoy your book, too!

  12. Michael Braley Michael Braley
    April 21, 2012    

    This is my “go to” site for all things sourdough.

  13. Sourmilk Sourmilk
    April 21, 2012    

    All I want is to produce bread that tastes as good as your loaves look!!!

  14. April 21, 2012    

    Hi Teresa,
    Congrats on your new books! I just love your site and style of sourdough…your recipes have never failed me. I enjoy your blog and wish you great success!

  15. Charleen Othel Charleen Othel
    April 21, 2012    

    I have been following Teresa’s wonderful Sourdough recipes and instructions for several years. These books are sure to be unbelievable – I have not read them all… I have made WONDERFUL sourdough bread thanks to Teresa! The information about the sourdough itself, how different starters from different origins ‘work’ differently, should be used differently…. that is incredible information that is not found in plain ol’ bread recipes.

  16. Zainab Zainab
    April 21, 2012    

    Congratulations on the launch of your book. I love baking bread, i bake for my family every week & just started to learn about sourdough.i tried 3 of your recipes & i enjoyed them.
    Looking forward to learn from you

  17. John HAuer John HAuer
    April 21, 2012    

    This is great news. Sourdough – even in Hawaii. What more could you want? Best of luck with this. BTW, How come the advanced loaf picture looks like the beginning loaf?


  18. April 21, 2012    

    The taste of good sourdough is a wonderful pleasure, but I never believed that I could bake a loaf at home in my kitchen oven.

    Initially I thought the original sourdough starter was some potion which had been carried west by early Pioneers and that all sourdough today was a relative of that first starter. I called a friend who lives IN SF and asked her to check with her local bakery shop to see if they would sell me some sourdough starter so that I might use it bake a loaf of Sourdough bread at home. Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

    After receiving this gooey glob in the mail, without any directions, I mixed in the entire starter, using a general recipe from a cookbook and thought it would make my dream of baking real sourdough a reality. Things didn’t exactly work out the way I thought they would. That first loaf turned out more like flatbread crackers. There was no rise but I baked it anyway. The good part was that I had caught the bread baking fever. I looked and experimented and learned that you didn’t need to go back in time to the Pioneers to find sourdough starter, but instead learned that I could create a variety of sourdough starters from scratch.

    There were a lot of things happening online and many kind people who knew a lot and were willing to share, answer dumb questions with infinite patience and then there were some like Teresa Greenway who wrote this all down and published. After a second and third and fourth attempt I learned that you didn’t need SF for good sourdough starter and you can bake a respectable sourdough loaf at home.

    I’m always looking for ways to become a better baker and would treasure a set of books by Teresa Greenway which would become the jewel of my collection and instill more variety in my baking.

  19. Tom Chism Tom Chism
    April 21, 2012    

    I’m really happy to see the book out on Amazon.com I left my comments there giving the series a 5 star rating.
    I’m grateful that I found this site when I did. I had been trying to make sourdough bread that I felt was as good as any I could get in the store. What I learned here and later in your book has taught me to make bread that is BETTER than I can get in any store or bakery. In my area at least. Everyone I let try it raves about it. What a great feeling that is. Thanks for that and best wishes on the book.

    • northwestsourdough northwestsourdough
      April 23, 2012    

      Tom, you are a winner, please send me your email address and I will send you the files. Let me know which files you prefer, Kindle (mobi) epub, or pdf files. Congratulations! Teresa

  20. Lisette Lisette
    April 21, 2012    

    I’m just starting with sourdough. A few days before I mixed rye and water. Now I’m stearing twice a day and waiting…… Hope it will become something usable. I think your books can help me a lot. Here in the Netherlands there is not much to read about it. So I’m looking for English books to learn from.

  21. Sharon Cunningham Sharon Cunningham
    April 21, 2012    

    I love sourdough bread and I look forward to reading your books someday. Maybe I’ll have to buy them. Good luck with your ebooks.

  22. Dan Dan
    April 21, 2012    

    Congrats on the effort! Where is the multiple volume IPad version available? Would love to get that.

  23. Dohn Riley Dohn Riley
    April 21, 2012    

    Beautiful cover; the book looks to be labor of love. I actually won the Lane County bread baking contest in 2010 with some help from your writings in getting the most flavor out of the bread. My stiffest competition was a gorgeous loaf raised in a banneton that it gave it a unique shape. Not having a banneton, I scored my bread for maximum grignes and managed a decent blister on the crust. Not quite the blister on your cover loaf, though. Good luck with the launch, and thanks for sharing the knowledge you have so carefully grown. Dohn

  24. John miller John miller
    April 21, 2012    

    I have found your online videos to be extremely useful. Your “steaming method” utilizing a roasting pan lid on a baking stone was particularly helpful. Kudos!

  25. Robert Robert
    April 21, 2012    

    Congrats !! That’s happy news. I love baking. I’ve got one sourdough culture so I’ve made sourdough loaves. I should love to learn more. Thanks for your work and kindness.

  26. Steve Wing Steve Wing
    April 21, 2012    

    Congratulation, Been cooking with sourdough for three years. Website is great Learned from my Mom who is now 92 She made her own sourdough

  27. cynthia7214 cynthia7214
    April 21, 2012    

    Congratulations on the book, and thanks so much for all the tips and recipes on the web site. It is GREAT!!!!!

  28. April 21, 2012    

    Wow, what a fantastic book it must be! Can’t wait to read it! Someday I sure hope to see a print version… 🙂

  29. Patty Fermenty Patty Fermenty
    April 21, 2012    

    Dear Teresa,
    I’m a dedicated fan of your Salt Fermented Sourdough since discovering your recipe last year. It’s SO juicy! Thanks to your luscious photos and mouth watering descriptions I felt compelled to try it out. It’s now my favourite bread of all and I bake it every week. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience so generously and enthusiastically. Long live sourdough!

  30. Susan Susan
    April 21, 2012    

    Hi Teresa,
    Congrats on your new books! I just love your site and style of sourdough…your recipes have never failed me. I enjoy your blog and wish you great success!

    • northwestsourdough northwestsourdough
      April 23, 2012    

      Susan, you are a winner, please send me your email address and I will send you the files. Let me know which files you prefer, Kindle (mobi) epub, or pdf files. Congratulations! Teresa

  31. Enric Rovira Enric Rovira
    April 21, 2012    

    Hi Theresa,

    It was just a shot, a desperate move to get around getting burned. Due to years of very high work overload, together with small kids and other family problems I thought that life sucked. Indeed I thought that.
    I found your webpages, and began reading them and felt good about it, as a relief. You have furthermore this investigational technical touch on your discoveries and bread researches that resemble the basic methodology I am working with (Research and development of telecom systems).

    I never thought that your webpages could bring me stability in mind and could be such a recharging opportunity. I am amazed that whenever the mind is at its limits, I begin thinking in “that recipe”, “in that process”, “in how to get a better starter” etc etc and suddenly feeling myself kind of recharged.

    Then it came the day that, reading your web pages, I was lucky and made the first sourdough bread and turned out to be good … no return. This was the thing.

    And all that thanks to your website.
    Certainly that you, through your passion for bread, helped me in being able to not get burned.

    A big big big Thank Therese for you kind effort in showing your discoveries and contagious passion for the making of bread.

    Thank you


  32. Kathy Wishnie Kathy Wishnie
    April 21, 2012    

    I have read through the first pdf edition of the book several times and it is by far the best sourdough resource. The information is complete and the recipes are delicious. I don’t own a kindle but I am thrilled that the book will be offered in this format so it’s available to more bakers. Excellent work, Teresa!

  33. Michael Clark Michael Clark
    April 21, 2012    

    I love your website so I’m sure I would love your books! Good luck with it – I know it was a lot of work!

  34. Leonard De Rooy Leonard De Rooy
    April 21, 2012    

    I am sure that this book will be successful!

  35. Janet Janet
    April 21, 2012    

    Teresa, I know much hard work and testing was involved in your writing of this book on sourdough! I am so impressed that you had the stamina and determination to forge ahead in your work with this natural yeast.
    I have enjoyed your blog and wish you much success! May your generosity be returned to you a hundred fold!

  36. Bob Bob
    April 21, 2012    


    Great news on the Kindle publication. I have not made the jump to Kindle yet but may do so in the future. However, I do want to thank you for all of your comments on your blog, as well as the help and advice you gave me in creating my sourdough starters. Bob

  37. Jim Berg Jim Berg
    April 21, 2012    

    That book looks awesome! Congrats! The book will certainly serve as a valuable reference for all sourdough bakers.

    • northwestsourdough northwestsourdough
      April 23, 2012    

      Jim, you are a winner, please send me your email address and I will send you the files. Let me know which files you prefer, Kindle (mobi) epub, or pdf files. Congratulations! Teresa

  38. April 21, 2012    

    Dear Teresa,
    I am so happy that you have published your book in kindle! It’s wonderful!!! I have learned to bake r e a l sourdough and really good quality bread overall from you. To this day, years later, I continue to read your blog and your recipes and learn from you, my dear friend. Your techniques, your example and your recipes are simply the best, developed by the home baker for the home bakers. Best wishes and may you continue to have the best of success in baking and life. Hugs, Liudmila.

  39. Terry Terry
    April 21, 2012    

    Congrats on your new book. I am new to sourdough and would love to learn how make this bread for my family.
    Thank you for giving out a free copy, very kind of you

  40. April 21, 2012    

    Much congrats on your triumph! What a project. Sounds and looks (love the cover!) like a real winner. You deserve success with this one.

    I apologize for my absence on your blog – I experienced some burnout and took some time off for awhile – but recently have restarted my engine – I’ll do better.

    Damn, I always loved those big blisters you get on your loaves – how do you do that? Will I find that in your books? Best wishes for much success, amiga.

  41. Ken Ken
    April 21, 2012    

    Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to read it!

  42. April 21, 2012    

    I would love to win your sourdough book series! it is my goal to replace commerical yeast with sour dough in our kitchen. I am hoping your books will be a tool I can use to help do that! I am also looking for sites, blogs, resources to feature on my blog!

    • Gerry Gerry
      April 27, 2016    

      Call me wind because I am abeusotlly blown away.

  43. April 17, 2012    

    I bought one of the books on Advanced Sourdough, and love it!

    so here is my comment, hoping to be the lucky winner of the whole series!

  44. Deb Deb
    April 17, 2012    

    Congratulations! I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try with my Oregon Trail starter. Please put my name in the hat for the Kindle books.

  45. April 15, 2012    

    I was fascinated to see you working on the dough on the YouTube. You are inspiring and very helping, thank you from the heart! If i win your books, this would be a fantastic present. thank you, Sofia

    April 13, 2012    




  47. James James
    April 13, 2012    

    Love the covers of the books and what a great blog!

    I confess that I have only just stumbled upon it as I’ve been searching high and low for some good Austrian bread to make with my Austrian starter. Your one with evapourated milk sounds fantastic! I’m going to give it a try this weekend…

  48. Betsy Betsy
    April 11, 2012    

    Looks like a book I could use to read!

  49. Kristen Kristen
    April 9, 2012    

    This book is a great idea and looks helpful. I stumbled on your site today looking for information on sourdough. I began my starter last week after hearing so many great things about sourdough; suddenly I realized that it might be ready to use and I have very little idea what to do with it! This subject is a lot deeper than I though at first, but your book series looks like a great help. Thank you for putting all this knowledge in one place!

  50. Emily Emily
    April 9, 2012    

    I am a sourdough novice, and would love to learn more!

  51. Tyson C Tyson C
    April 8, 2012    

    Great resource! I’m actually already using your PDFs on my Kindle… but I’ve been wanting a proper Kindle formatted version to make it far easier to search and bookmark! If I don’t win, I’ll be sure to buy this version….

  52. Wayne G Wayne G
    April 6, 2012    

    Best of luck with your book. May you have many, many sales. God Bless!

  53. Ann B. Ann B.
    April 6, 2012    

    Just found your blog. I have been making sourdough for a year now but have mostly been using the same recipe. I have been wanting to try new recipes and experiment with different techniques so I am happy to see your book. Looking forward to reading it.

  54. April 5, 2012    

    I’m still not that great with sourdough in spite of my continued efforts. Please throw my name into the hat. I could use this.

  55. Andy p. Andy p.
    April 5, 2012    

    Congrats. You and your web site have been a big help to me as I learn to make my own Sourdough breads. Look forward to reading your book.

  56. April 4, 2012    

    Congrats! I havent read your book yet, but I do enjoy your blog.

  57. Carlyn Carlyn
    April 4, 2012    

    I love sourdough bread! Your sourdough book helped me be brave enough to try a starter. I would love to have a kindle version so I can take it in the kitchen with me. Congratulations on your books, they are well written and I love all the different kinds of recipes. I have to admit I make the Sourdough Pancakes almost weekly!

  58. Julie Bauman Julie Bauman
    April 4, 2012    

    I love my Kindle and Sourdough; truth be told sourdough is a struggle. 🙁 BUT your sight and now these books are going to be a great help! Congratulations on a job well done!!

  59. Debbie Rogers Debbie Rogers
    April 4, 2012    

    The book looks wonderful! I LOVE me some sourdough bread 😉

  60. Mark Mark
    April 4, 2012    

    I put a review on the first book more to come

  61. Angie W Angie W
    April 4, 2012    

    Congrats on the book! I am a novice sourdough maker, and would love to own your books to take my breads, etc. to a new level. Thanks!

  62. April 4, 2012    

    Great idea, what a great resource that will be!



  63. April 4, 2012    

    Wow Teresa,
    And I am still contemplating writing, something, but I don’t know what!

    Congratulations and thanks, friend, for all your help and inspiration!


  64. Shirley Shirley
    April 4, 2012    

    I am a sourdough aficionado. I have been maintaining a sourdough starter since I moved to California over 15 years ago. Nothing beats fresh homemade bread. I am excited to read that a new book on sourdough bread making is being offered as you are never too much of a baking expert to learn new tricks.

  65. Liz K. Liz K.
    April 4, 2012    

    Good luck on your new book. Congratulations on your new life. God bless.

  66. Michelle Hosier Michelle Hosier
    April 4, 2012    

    I have had the privilege of learning from you and I can’t wait to finish reading your book. It is also nice to know that you are only an e-mail away for anyone that has a question or two about the “project” they are working on. You are always so helpful. Congratulations!!!

  67. Dawn O. Dawn O.
    April 4, 2012    

    Congratulations on the launch of your book—and for baking that beautiful loaf on the cover! I look forward to reading it!

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