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Flour Test for Stone Buhr Bread Flour

In my previous post I said I would be testing Stone Buhr flour next as a follow up to the disappointing results from King Arthur’s Organic Bread flour.  I followed the same testing recipe found in the first tests, but added an extra ounce of flour because

 I added an exra ounce of flour in the King Arthur’s Organice Flour test and I said I would follow the same test to see if it was my water that might have been the culprit. It doesn’t seem to have been my water. Stone Buhr flour has a nice hand feel to it and it immediately made up a preferment that had a nice volume and stiffness to it for how high in hydration it was.


After adding the final ingredients, the dough felt resilient, soft and bouncy. It made a great dough. The dough baked up great except that it took some extra baking to get a good color. The crust and taste was exceptional. The oven spring was perfect but I did notice some tearing of the crust around the slash which means I made an error in how proofed the dough was and underproofed it a little.


If you notice that there are not many blisters to the crust, it is because this is a preferment with next day dough forming, not an overnight dough retardation. So it will be expected to have a milder taste and not many blisters or visual depth to the crust. These tests were done with a formula for warm temperature climates, which I am living in right now here in Hawaii.





I would definitely buy Stone Buhr Bread flour again, it makes some great bread. The feel of the dough and the crispy crust with the tender crumb was terrific. I give high marks to this flour.


I am planning on making up a formula for regular temperature dough handling. I will post it when I am done and maybe I will start doing some of the regular temperature dough testing if I can get enough room in my refrigerator for an overnight bulk ferment or second proofing.  I can’t depend upon Hawaii to stay cool, so I will have to jump in when it has it’s rare cool spells.

Aloha everyone! Happy Baking!

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  1. February 26, 2010    

    Thanks for the post and sharing your positive results!

  2. MoriahMoriah
    January 16, 2010    

    From Sacramento Calififornia

    I so appreciate the testing you’re doing on the various flours. I found a flour at Smart and Final called, La Romanella high gluten flour I really like 25 lbs for about ten bucks. I have a fairly consistent result and I get the blisters on the loaves without proofing in the fridge. Do you have that flour there? I ‘d like your opinion of it

    • January 17, 2010    

      Hi Moriah, there isn’t a lot of variety here on the big island of Hawaii. However, I have found more flour types than I first thought was available. I will keep my eye out for the brand you mention, but I have not seen it here. It sounds like an interesting flour to test out though, Teresa

    • March 10, 2012    

      I use La Romanella HG Flour for my pizzas with fantastic success.

  3. January 15, 2010    

    Beautiful loaves, Teresa! I had never heard of that flour before but now I’ll give it a try if I see it. Here I have the opposite problems to yours, namely how to keep the cold at bay (without running up the utilities bill)… 🙂

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