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Magnificent Sourdough

Pretzel Bread

Pretzel Bread


.Do you know someone who bakes with sourdough? Magnificent Sourdough showcases magnificent breads of any type as long as they are made with sourdough. If you would like to see someone’s (or your own) magnificent sourdough creations featured here (must be a blog post), drop me a note at:


If you are featured, please put a link back to “Magnificent Sourdough,” from your featured post.

Submissions that would get my attention would have:

    • An informative interesting blog post about sourdough bread
    • Good pictures on the blog site
    • The submission must contain sourdough
    • If someone elses recipe is used credit must be given

Please submit your own magnificent sourdough creations as well!!


Click on the pictures below to see more about these magnificent sourdough breads:

Pain de Campagne

Judd Friedman's Pain de Campagne

Sourdough Breakfast Bread

Carl Legge's Sourdough Breakfast Bread

Mariana Aga's San Francisco French Bread

MC's Sourdough Bread with Lemon and Rosemary

MC's Sourdough Bread w/Lemon and Rosemary

Nils' Ciabatta

Nils' Holey Ciabatta

Jeremy's Baguette de Monde

Jeremy's Baguette de Monge

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