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My Fibrament Baking Stone

I got a new baking stone. My old stone was from an unused kiln and it was crescent shaped, so I had a difficult time putting the longer loaves on it. I looked up different stone and decided to get a Fibrament stone.

They make a size that fits my oven great and optimizes the space I have. I bought a 15″ x 20″ x 3/4″ stone for 66.00 which includes shipping. I have used it several times, and I can tell you one thing for sure…it bakes great bread!

The only thing that I needed to learn about it, is that the thermal conductivity is greater than with firebrick, so I had to turn down my oven. I was doing the first five minutes of the bake at 500F degrees, but I now have to do the first five minutes of a bake at 450F degrees. The 500F degrees was just too hot and I was getting black spots on the bottoms of the loaves. I think the heat transfer is really good for these stones. Moving it higher up in my oven solved the problem of the stone getting too hot and it works perfect now, I couldn’t be happier.

I have baked several batches of bread now and I can say that I have really liked the Fibrament stone so far. Another fact about the Fibrament stone is the fact that you can never put it into the sink and scrub it because you are never supposed to wipe it with water.

Here is a picture of the stone:

baking stone

Find your stone here:


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  1. John John
    September 24, 2012    

    having problems since purchasing new Fibrament Baking Stone. My bread isn’t browning on the bottom??
    I have the mat about 4 inches above pan i’m suing to put water in to get steam. could this be cuasing a problems with mat, maybe cooling it from the steam? frustrated!!!

  2. Jocelyn Jocelyn
    April 2, 2012    

    I’ve been using firebricks in my oven for almost two years now, they have definitely improved my bread baking but was wondering if you could comment as to any other differences you noticed with the fibrament versus the brick? I’m trying to decide if it is worth it for me to replace the bricks. It seems my oven has had a hard time lately getting up to temperature and am wondering if the bricks are the problem. Thanks in advance for your advice!
    PS-am loving the Ebook very much, so interesting 🙂

  3. Leslie Johnson Leslie Johnson
    October 4, 2011    

    Thank you. That is what I was hoping would be the case. Thank you for all the time you’ve put into sharing your knowledge and experience with sourdough baking. I’ve made Sour Rye and Cracked Wheat sourdough so far and they have turned out great. I’m going to use my white sourdough starter for the first time today. I love that your recipes use weights in grams and ounces so I can use a digital scale when I measure ingredients. Have a great day!

  4. Leslie Johnson Leslie Johnson
    October 4, 2011    

    It has been 5 years since you posted about your (then) new Fibrament stone and wondered about the effects of spraying the loaves of bread. I would like to buy a stone from the company also, but when I called they said that spraying the loaf could result in thermal shock and eventually crack the stone. They suggested using a steam pan under the stone rather than spraying, or spraying the oven rather than the loaf directly on the stone. What has been your experience with your Fibrament stone? Have you continued spraying and had any problems?

    • October 4, 2011    

      I use my Fibrament stone all of the time. It develped hairline cracks soon after I started using it. I contacted the company and they said it was normal and they would replace it if it ever did actually crack. They said they have a material in the center of the stone that binds it together. I spray my loaves every time I use it and the stone has not developed new cracks. I never even notice the older cracks now. The stone works great, I would recommend one to anyone.

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