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One Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Sourdough Bread Baking Courses

Edited to add winner information:

This was a super fun giveaway, thank you for the wonderful comments everyone!

The winners were chosen by Random.org‘s number generator and the winners are:

Knife Sharpener – Kendra

Tiger Wood Peel – Michael

Fibrament Baking Stone Cleo tan

Corian Cutting Board – Margot

Teak Wood Cooling Rack – Ann F

The following five winners can select one of my baking courses and I will send them a free coupon: See all of my  online baking courses here.

Yaya Orchis

Kay Erland

Dawna Lunde

Petra Hatzesberger

Nicole Manion

Congratulations winners! All winners please contact me so I can forward your shipping info to the companies who hosted the prizes or send you a coupon for a baking course. Email me at: [email protected]


Hello bakers! Although I’ve been teaching baking for almost twelve years, it’s been one year since I’ve expanded my teaching from books and blog posts to online video courses. I don’t believe I’ve ever had such fun… and so much work! Video courses are very fun to put together but the hours of video takes, editing and putting together a course can take a long time. In the year since I began teaching on Udemy.com, I’ve made six sourdough baking courses, taking an average of two months each to complete.

To celebrate my one year anniversary, I am doing this terrific GIVEAWAY… (You know how much I love doing giveaways!)

Note, items will only be shipped to the continental US. If you are a winner and reside outside of the continental US you can still try to win but you must agree to pay for all shipping costs.

The following companies have donated these amazing items: 


Brod & Taylor has donated a new item from their product line, a beautiful knife sharpener! Check here to visit Brod & Taylor and read about their new knife sharpener. You might remember they donated a dough proofer in an earlier giveaway and also did a special discount for my followers earlier this year. Visit them on Facebook here.

Brod and Taylor Knife Sharpener


Primal Kitchen Company is offering an exotic Tiger Wood peel as part of the giveaway. Visit Primal Kitchen  and see the baking and fermentation equipment they offer (sorry the bread doesn’t come with the peel).  🙂  Visit their Facebook page here.

Tiger Wood Peel for Bread


Baking Stone Company is donating one of their amazing Fibrament baking stones. All of you that have taken my courses have seen how terrific they hold up to intense heat and how lovely the resulting bread can be. I love my Fibrament stone! I’ve had mine going on ten years now and it’s put up with some very serious use! Visit them on Facebook here.

Bread Baking Stone Fibrament


The Cutting Boards Wisconsin Company has donated one of their solid surface, Corian, non porous, lovely cutting boards. Visit their site and see their amazing cutting boards. The oval cutting board they are offering for this giveaway is pictured in the photo below and measures 13″ x 16″

Soon I will be carrying their cutting boards complete with Northwest Sourdough’s logo. Check back to see their ad (soon) on my blog. Find their Facebook page here.

Bread Cutting Board


ShapleyWood is donating a gorgeous Teak Wood Bread Cooling Rack. Visit ShapleyWood’s Etsy store and see what beautiful wood products they have to offer or check their Facebook page.

Teak Wood Bread Cooling Grate

For the Giveaway, Northwest Sourdough (me) is offering 5 free baking courses (winners have choice of one course) Check my online sourdough baking Udemy Courses here to see which one you would pick if you are chosen as a winner! You can find me on Facebook here.

Sourdough Bread Course


All of these companies have donated the above items for your enjoyment in this giveaway, so find the link to their Facebook pages (see above) and show them some “baker love.” If they see the appreciation they may want to join in another giveaway in the future. 

Happy Baking Everyone and a big Thank You for a wonderful year!  Teresa


To enter, make a comment below this post and “like” the Facebook pages of the companies above to enter the Giveaway – Winners will be selected on May 1st. 


All of my baking courses are available at 50% discount (some as low as only 10.00) HERE.  All courses are online – at your own pace- for your lifetime.


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  1. Raina SteinerRaina Steiner
    May 1, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the contest.

  2. Corine RunnionCorine Runnion
    April 30, 2016    

    Would love to win something especially for bread baking. Thanks for a chance.

  3. LeahLeah
    April 30, 2016    

    Thank you for the work you do! I just discovered you because of your posts in the WILD FERMENTATION group on FB… and I spent all morning salivating over your pizza course! I’m crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

  4. April 30, 2016    

    Congratulations on your one year Anniversary!
    You are doing great work and building a wonderful community.

  5. KariKari
    April 30, 2016    

    I think I commented before, but just in case, I’m doing it again. Since the time when I would have made my original post, if I did make an original post, I have begun both the Sourdough 101 course and the pizza course. I’m definitely having fun learning.

  6. Helen FerridgeHelen Ferridge
    April 30, 2016    

    Wow! Thanks so much for running this contest! Liked all the pages and crossing my fingers I win!

  7. PattiPatti
    April 30, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary to you (and us)!

    April 30, 2016    

    Love it. Happy Anniversary.

  9. Lim Mun KitLim Mun Kit
    April 30, 2016    

    Congrats! I have learnt so much on your blog and you have been so patient and detailed in explaining the techniques and steps. Grateful for your selfless sharing!

    Happy labour day!

    Looking forward to your healthy and delicious bakes 🙂

  10. Kim HaaseKim Haase
    April 30, 2016    

    I’ve taken most of your courses and love them! Thank you for all you do.

  11. Paula moraesPaula moraes
    April 30, 2016    


  12. EmiEmi
    April 30, 2016    

    Happy aniversary! congratulations for the first of many more great years!!

  13. Diane DavidsonDiane Davidson
    April 30, 2016    

    Hi from Australia. I am enjoying a couple of your courses, would love some great equipment to go with them. Thanks for all your input and hard work Teresa. My family and friends are definitely enjoying the bread!

  14. RaizaRaiza
    April 30, 2016    

    Happy anniversary!!! 🎉 🎉

    Thank you for your help teaching us hobbyists and aspiring bakers learning what we all grew to love. You’re a big help to us dreamers alike. Excellent job. I may not win anything, and that’s ok. But thank you for this opportunity to thank you on your anniversary.

  15. Joleen kleinsasserJoleen kleinsasser
    April 29, 2016    

    Thanks so much for the effort you put into teaching us how to bake so many different kinds of bread, keep the teachings coming!

  16. Dave KowalskyDave Kowalsky
    April 29, 2016    

    Great course and teaching Teresa! You thoughtful and methodical techniques take the jitters out of baking for the newbie. Looking forward to more of what you know and have learned along the way.

  17. JennyJenny
    April 28, 2016    

    Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary. I’ve watched your you tube tutes. They have been very helpful. I would love to receive your 101 lesson in your giveaways

  18. Danielle WallaceDanielle Wallace
    April 28, 2016    

    Thank you for offering such a great course!

  19. Donni AdamsDonni Adams
    April 27, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary! I love your courses..

  20. CharlyBCharlyB
    April 27, 2016    

    Thank you for this chance, good luck everyone.

  21. Benita MooreBenita Moore
    April 27, 2016    

    I spent a week with my Grandma the summer I was 15 learning to bake bread. She used a starter that she had gotten from her Aunt Hattie (my 2nd great aunt). It wasn’t a sourdough starter but made a wonderful loaf of white bread. We always looked forward to going to grandma’s and having butter and jam on her bread. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the starter and lost it. I did dry some but misplaced that. If I still had the starter it would be well over a 100 years old. My grandma is long gone but learning to bake bread from her is one of my fondest memories.

  22. Daniel GavilanDaniel Gavilan
    April 27, 2016    

    It is great to hear you are having fun doing these courses. I can say I had fun taking the baking 101 course! I just finished it yesterday and my first bread is currently in the making. I will continue with the other courses as soon as I master the first two recipes, for sure! And any of the presents you are giving away would help me improve my bread.

  23. LoisLois
    April 27, 2016    

    Congratulations on your anniversary.. I love giveaways!

  24. Wendy RoescherWendy Roescher
    April 27, 2016    

    Congratulations on your first year! I am so excited to have found this group. I am enjoying all the pictures, advice, tips, and great US made products! So excited to share the joy of sourdough bread making! Thanks for the wonderful videos, advice and giveaways.

  25. Jeanne PhillipsJeanne Phillips
    April 27, 2016    

    Took a class from you – loved it! Happy Anniversary!

  26. Jennifer CorbittJennifer Corbitt
    April 26, 2016    

    Congratulations on your 1st year!!! I am so excited that I found your page!! I’ve already purchased your 101 & thanks to your amazing videos, my 1st loaf turned out AMAZING!!! I recently posted the picture of it on the FB group & all of the hacks that I had to come up with because I don’t have any of the tools that make bread making a bit easier. I would greatly love any of the prizes! Thank you for the wonderful videos & for the giveaways!

  27. Nicole ManionNicole Manion
    April 26, 2016    

    This is truly very exciting! I recently started making bread and really close to making that perfect loaf.

  28. KellyKelly
    April 26, 2016    

    Happy anniversary! You have a great collection of courses and ebooks.

  29. Tracy LovecTracy Lovec
    April 26, 2016    

    Thanks for the great courses! I have finished them all and have learned so much and made amazing breads. You are a wonderful teacher, happy 1 year anniversary.

  30. EszterEszter
    April 23, 2016    

    Thank you all informaton, help. I like your page. It is really helpfull.

  31. DougDoug
    April 23, 2016    

    Thank you Teresa for a wonderful site. I struggled with my starter until I stumbled across your Youtube channel. My family and I are enjoying bread made with your recipes.

  32. Paulette GreenPaulette Green
    April 23, 2016    

    I’m always trying to learn as much as possible about making starter and baking sourdough!!

  33. Guy FrenkelGuy Frenkel
    April 21, 2016    

    Coll stuff!

  34. Guy FrenkelGuy Frenkel
    April 21, 2016    

    Coll stuff.

  35. Salina BaileySalina Bailey
    April 21, 2016    

    new to sourdough baking. really enjoying it. Some great prizes there! off to check them out 🙂

  36. Corine RunnionCorine Runnion
    April 21, 2016    

    Lovr the courses and just love sourdough would be wonderful to win one of these great products.

  37. KariKari
    April 20, 2016    

    There are some cool products out there! Thanks for sharing those pages. If I were to win a course, I’d probably opt for your second one, the artisan bread, since I plan to take the first one on Friday, when we get paid. I’m so excited to start learning from you!

  38. Alvaro J.Alvaro J.
    April 20, 2016    

    Hi Teresa!!!!

    Congratulations, you really are a great teacher!!! Here in Guatemala nobody know about sourdough, but we love bread, so thanks to you and your amazing work sourdough will be known!!!

  39. Patricia EvansPatricia Evans
    April 20, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary, thanks for all the great videos and info.

  40. KathleenKathleen
    April 19, 2016    

    Wow! What wonderful things! Thank you!

  41. JudithCJudithC
    April 19, 2016    

    Not sure if I commented before or not…. Just liked all 6 (had already liked/been following some of those vendors!!), and already have all your current courses…… already feel as though I have been blessed with knowledge and fun from having stumbled upon your creative works and generous sharing spirit, Teresa!

    ~Judith C

  42. Kitty MaoKitty Mao
    April 19, 2016    

    Thank you Teresa for the great courses! Here’s to one fabulous year and the many many many years to follow!

  43. Maria LorraineMaria Lorraine
    April 17, 2016    

    Bread-baking using ancient methods is one of the things that brings the hearth back into the home. I love the idea of a bread on a hot stone, and that loaf then shared around a table.

  44. CorrieCorrie
    April 16, 2016    

    Congratulation on your first year. Hope for many more to come!!

  45. CareyCarey
    April 16, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary! Love your videos.

  46. judithjudith
    April 15, 2016    

    congrats! a great collection of gifts

  47. valentinavalentina
    April 14, 2016    

    Thnaks for this giveaway. I’ve bought Teresa’s course and it has been awesome 🙂

  48. MichaelMichael
    April 13, 2016    

    Thanks do you again, Teresa. All of the resources that you sent me to look wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing a cutting board with the Northwest logo on it. How fun is that!

  49. RicciRicci
    April 13, 2016    

    Congrats on the first year. I am sure there will be many more to come.

  50. Melinda Taylor KellyMelinda Taylor Kelly
    April 13, 2016    

    This is beyond awesome! I am really excited….hoping.

  51. Lynn RuizLynn Ruiz
    April 13, 2016    

    Purchased several of your courses, but have barely started getting through them. Not enough hours in the day. I can’t wait to become more and more proficient. I decided that sourdough was to be my new hobby, but need to collect more baking supplies and figure out what to do with all the resulting bread. Bread and wine may be the staff of life, but one can only consume so much in a day.

  52. Ken NoakesKen Noakes
    April 13, 2016    

    What a difference a year makes!

    You are clearly going from strength to strength, Teresa. As an inspiration to us all, it must be gratifying to see how well your students are doing when they post their blistering bakes. Perfect sourdough sums it up nicely.

    With my own 1st anniversary of my first ever sourdough loaf just gone by, who knows what we will have achieved when the next year has flown by?!?

    My your loaves be forever holey!

  53. April 12, 2016    

    FINALLY found you amid all the specious information on You Tube. Bought your Kindle book and feel that I’m now heading towards sourdough success. Thanks for offering your expertise so that others may learn. And thanks for this giveaway.

  54. Kirsty JenkinsKirsty Jenkins
    April 12, 2016    

    Please enter me!

    Thank you! 🙂

  55. Hallie HoskinsHallie Hoskins
    April 12, 2016    

    Newbie baker here – I’m so excited to learn more about sourdough and love Teresa’s teaching method!

  56. BeckyBecky
    April 12, 2016    

    I’m excited to learn more!

  57. Kelly StagnaroKelly Stagnaro
    April 12, 2016    

    Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to make great sourdough at home. Growing up on the Monterey Bay of California, good sourdough was always within reach. Took it for granted until I moved away and was shocked and surprised to learn that not every restaurant offered it with meals nor every breakfast spot with breakfast. It was even hard to find at many bakeries. Happy Anniversary!!

  58. GabrieleGabriele
    April 11, 2016    

    Happy anniversary and thank you for giving us a chance of winning some of those awesome products!

  59. Kristina NikolovaKristina Nikolova
    April 11, 2016    

    Thank you for doing all this! I’ve been lurking and thinking about subscribing to one of your courses, can’t wait!

  60. Jen MiltonJen Milton
    April 11, 2016    

    Congrats on your anniversary! I’m sure I speak for MANY when I say THANK YOU! I haven’t even managed to get THROUGH my first course yet, but I LOVE it and have NO doubt it will make my bread SO much better! Even in the “pre-bake” portion of the class, I’ve learned enough to have reliably “good” bread – which certainly wasn’t the case before. I’m also feeling more confident and able to experiment a bit – so far with good results. So again, CONGRATS – and thank you!! I’d LOVE to win ANY of these products – my breadmaking supplies are still pretty limited.

  61. April 11, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what a cool one to have too!

  62. Jennifer HowardJennifer Howard
    April 11, 2016    

    I am new to the ‘sourdough world’ and am very excited to have found this site! Thank you!!!

  63. Roy WeinbergRoy Weinberg
    April 11, 2016    

    Teresa these giveaway items look amazing and will be an awesome addition to my baking and cooking tools.

    Thanks for your lovely courses which I’ve learned so much from and baked many delicious breads!

  64. Janet WaughJanet Waugh
    April 10, 2016    

    Teresa you have great items for your anniversary giveaways! Well happy anniversary to you, and to all of us too!

    I’m loving my bread baking and have so much to learn still. A day elbow deep in dough is a good day!

    Thank you!

  65. KellyKelly
    April 10, 2016    

    Love that so many are willing to share. Happy to support you all and…. Crossing my lucky fingers! (Happy Anniversary!)

  66. MissyMissy
    April 10, 2016    

    Wow…thank you for this chance to win some wonderful prizes…thanks for teaching us about sourdough bread….Wonderful videos….Happy 1st Anniversary …Missy

  67. Chris StrombergerChris Stromberger
    April 10, 2016    

    Congrats and happy anniversary!

  68. JerryJerry
    April 10, 2016    

    Great courses Teresa! Keep ’em coming!

  69. ChristinaChristina
    April 10, 2016    

    Very awesome giveaway! Cutting Boards WI is semi-local (I live in MN. My sister lives in WI) and I had no idea they existed. Definitely be checking them out!

  70. Anna SchroffAnna Schroff
    April 10, 2016    

    Wonderful giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations on the anniverdary!

  71. CarinaCarina
    April 10, 2016    

    What a great site! I am just beginning my sourdough journey and am o grateful for all of the information! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  72. JuddJudd
    April 10, 2016    

    Congratulations on your anniversary… I know you’ve worked very hard to achieve what you have! I sure could use a new baking stone…mine is broken in three places! LOL

  73. Chantry MontgomeryChantry Montgomery
    April 9, 2016    

    This is a fantastic giveaway! Congratulations on your year mark and congratulations on being able to help so many people. You have definitely helped take the head ache out of learning how to make sourdough. I am just starting out and love this resource. Thank you so much!

  74. April 9, 2016    

    Wow – this is a great giveaway – I hope everyone participates in this!

  75. April 9, 2016    

    Brava, Teresa, on your one year anniversary!
    I made my own starter in November ’15 and have been baking King Arthur Flour rustic loaves until today, when, following your Sourdough 101 course, I made my first boule. It will come out of the oven in 2 minutes! I’m so excited!

  76. LindaLinda
    April 9, 2016    

    Love these products.

  77. April 9, 2016    

    Corian NOT corona… damn that spell check!

  78. April 9, 2016    

    Love the products you are supporting! We love home made pizza’s and that stone looks amazing as do all of the products. The wood ones are so beautiful. My mom has had a corona cutting board for so many years, she loves it!!

  79. MayleeneMayleene
    April 9, 2016    

    Im a sourdough because of you! Thank’s!!!

  80. HollyHolly
    April 9, 2016    

    Wow! Those are some great prizes! I hope I get one. 🙂 I’m having great success with my sourdough since purchasing your courses. Thank you!!

  81. RuchikaRuchika
    April 9, 2016    

    Thanks Teresa . You have been an amazing teacher. I would like to tell you that it’s because of your courses , I have been able to embark on the sourdough journey. Thanks a bunch .. Hope to win one of your free courses and other goodies as well. Lots of love and congratulations.

  82. Martina BaumgartelMartina Baumgartel
    April 9, 2016    

    I learned so much from your courses! Thank you!

  83. April 9, 2016    

    Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary! I have learned so much in your courses!

  84. Stephanie KronerStephanie Kroner
    April 9, 2016    

    Congratulations on a successful year of on-line courses! I recently found your courses on Udemy and am very excited to finally be able to bake a great loaf of bread. Thanks for the great offering of products to celebrate your 1 year anniversary.

  85. John KiedelJohn Kiedel
    April 9, 2016    

    Boy all that would be real sweet to have. Happy Anniversary Teresa !!!

  86. JeannetteJeannette
    April 9, 2016    

    Great selection of prizes. I love the knife sharpener for my serrated knife!

  87. TeresaTeresa
    April 9, 2016    

    Congratulations on the year! I would love to win the first course. I bought the second one… Am holing I didn’t overestimate my ability!

  88. Dawna LundeDawna Lunde
    April 9, 2016    

    What a lovely selection of give always! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  89. Sowmya RajamaniSowmya Rajamani
    April 9, 2016    

    Learning time is now made yummy! Fantastic collection of giveaways – would love to get one!!

  90. Cynthia LCynthia L
    April 8, 2016    

    Carry on with the baking, looking forward to the current give-away – lovely items. Thank you!

  91. ElizabethElizabeth
    April 8, 2016    

    Thanks for the contest and your classes

  92. April 8, 2016    


  93. Petra HatzesbergerPetra Hatzesberger
    April 8, 2016    

    Teresa, what you’ve done for the baker community is amazing. Thanks for all you hard work and support!

  94. Izzy TeepsIzzy Teeps
    April 8, 2016    

    so exited I love your videoed my mom is starting the sour dough starter she is really exited!!!

  95. April 8, 2016    

    Congrats Teresa on your one year anniversary. Hope you continue to grow. Looking forward to seeing what is next. You have teamed up with some winning companies.

  96. Karen MKaren M
    April 8, 2016    

    Love the sourdough classes!

  97. April 8, 2016    

    Love your courses and all your posts!

  98. Ann FAnn F
    April 8, 2016    

    Yes please!

  99. Joe HinkleJoe Hinkle
    April 8, 2016    

    I’ve enjoyed your videos – look forward to more.

    Congrats on one year.

  100. Angie HenryAngie Henry
    April 8, 2016    

    Great tools! Love it all.

  101. Toni FickToni Fick
    April 8, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary, Teresa and thank you for working out this giveaway! I’m having a blast taking your courses. Right now I’m jumping back and forth from #2 and #3, but signed up for Challah and Bagels as well.

  102. Kathy DeBernardiKathy DeBernardi
    April 8, 2016    

    Happy Anniversary! I love your classes.

  103. Brigitte schattenfieldBrigitte schattenfield
    April 8, 2016    

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!

  104. Lilly KowLilly Kow
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    Happy Anniversary, Teresa. Tqvm for making it possible to learn online. Am still following your courses and learning 😊😊

  105. CamilleCamille
    April 8, 2016    

    What a giveaway! That cooling rack is particularly gorgeous

  106. karenkaren
    April 8, 2016    

    I just can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your sourdough class. You are just a teriffic teacher and I
    look forward to taking many more.
    Thank you Theresa

  107. Beth GBeth G
    April 8, 2016    

    So happy for your one year anniversary! I have all your classes and am a big fan!

  108. MichelleMichelle
    April 8, 2016    

    Can’t wait to get started on my courses!

  109. SueSue
    April 8, 2016    

    I am so glad to have found your site about 6 months ago. I have learnt so much. Happy 1st Anniversary!

  110. DeniseDenise
    April 8, 2016    

    Love the courses!

  111. April 8, 2016    

    Happy 1st anniversary! I am so excited; today I found this site, bought your books and started my very first sourdough starter! Can’t wait to really dig into your site! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  112. Cleo tanCleo tan
    April 8, 2016    

    Happy anniversary Teresa . Wish you many more successful years ahead

  113. April 8, 2016    

    Happy anniversary! I am so excited, today I found this site, bought your books and started my very first sourdough starter! Can’t wait to really dig into your site! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  114. J. FieldsJ. Fields
    April 8, 2016    

    Happy anniversary!! 🙂

  115. Pam.Pam.
    April 8, 2016    

    Thankful for a chance in your contest. I am interested in learning to make sour dough and will be hoping to win courses! Shapely Wood and the other vendors have great items too. Nice contest! Happy Anniversary!

  116. Andri WibowoAndri Wibowo
    April 8, 2016    

    Happy anniversary. You’re such a great lecturer Teresa. Beautiful breads , beautiful giveaways. Thanks Teresa ^_^

  117. samsam
    April 8, 2016    

    Thanks Theresa!

  118. April 8, 2016    

    I love to wake up and see your beautiful breads
    Thank you SOOO much!

  119. April 8, 2016    

    HAPPY ANIVERSARY! Thanks for your bread knowledge and teaching.

  120. Matt WeleskiMatt Weleski
    April 8, 2016    

    Thanks Teresa – You’ve got a great thing going here. I’m learning lots from your courses!

  121. Melissa MMelissa M
    April 8, 2016    

    I just started working through one of your courses Teresa, and I’m just living it!! These beautiful prizes would be incredible.

  122. Corine RunnionCorine Runnion
    April 8, 2016    

    Congratulations on your 1year anniversary. Love the courses , and would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  123. HeatherHeather
    April 8, 2016    

    Great big congratulations to you Teresa on your first year anniversary.

  124. JulieJulie
    April 8, 2016    

    Congratulations for 1 year!

  125. Barbara HardmanBarbara Hardman
    April 8, 2016    

    Thank you for sharing your anniversary celebration with us. I have enjoyed learning from you in your Udemy classes.

  126. Trish DerrickTrish Derrick
    April 8, 2016    

    Super products from super companies. I have the Brod and Taylor knife sharpener and its the best! Thanks so much for organising this Teresa and hope you have many more successful courses to come. Happy Anniversary!

  127. SueSue
    April 8, 2016    

    Congrats! On 1 year anniversary, hard part should be over. Set up is always a pain. Bought 4 sourdough courses so far and am loving the detailed instructions and videos. Always easier for me to see someone else demonstrate. Great giveaways 😉

  128. JanetJanet
    April 8, 2016    

    Pick me! 🙂 Big fan of the Northwest Sourdough Facebook page. Your classes have been an inspiration and I share class information with my baking students.

  129. Aileen NickelAileen Nickel
    April 8, 2016    

    Wow, what fun!

  130. LisaLisa
    April 8, 2016    

    Congrats! Here’s to many more years of wisdom passed along.

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    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

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    I’m glad to see that your business is keeping you busy and that you’re enjoying it so much. I appreciate any tips for gluten-free sourdough creations that you may have. All of your photos look amazing! Keep up the good work 🙂

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    Thanks for another great offer.

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    Thank you Teresa for setup this Perfect Sourdough group and i am truly proud to be one of your member. Cheers!

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    I look forward to see new courses coming up! 😉

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    April 8, 2016    

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    Good luck for coming years.

    Hope I will be lucky to win one of your courses. (liked all the pages too )


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    • William DelaneyWilliam Delaney
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      This baking course has been good for me. I have signed up for four so far. I like how careful and thorough your instruction has been.

    • RobinRobin
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      Thank you for all your help along the way. I still can not believe I can do this!

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