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Looking for Bannetons?




Besides Lucky Clover Trading Company, I’ve found these banneton selling at Amazon:

I haven’t used them so I can’t say whether they are good or not, but Lucky Clover has a 50.00 minimum last I heard so sometimes it’s better to just buy one or two. If you do a search on Amazon, you will come up with some good deals if you look for the lowest to highest prices in the search and not the relevant search. Many bannetons are still very high priced but some are really made with high quality materials.


However, I have some high quality bannetons and my bread comes out looking pretty much the same in a cheap banneton (I have some of those too) as a high quality one. A bakery might want the high quality ones because they would stand up to vigorous everyday use and banging around.

Yes the links are affiliate links and your clicking on them does help me out. The pictures are links. If you have any other sites that offer a good deal on bannetons, let me know and I will add to this list. Or post in the comments below so everyone can see where to go.









The following seem to be priced every bit as good as the Lucky Clover Trading Co. and they seem to have a free shipping option.








Check prices and do your research, there seem to be a number of options available now besides the very high priced bannetons.

My new baking course is live! Come join me: “BAKE REAL ARTISAN SOURDOUGH BREAD.”

Happy Baking, Teresa



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  1. Timothy Timothy
    November 4, 2016    

    Your videos are awesome! I have been watching you for years, and I am a much better baker now thanks to your videos.

  2. Kat Kat
    August 13, 2016    

    Which size banettons do you find most useful? I’m looking to get 2 round and two oval ones, however can’t decide on the size.
    I love your blog and videos, thank you for sharing!
    Many thanks,

    • August 13, 2016    

      Hi Kat, I like the 8 – 8.5″ rounds the best and the oblong ones around 9-10″ long. That would be for around 700-800 grams of dough. If you like working with kilogram loaves, choose the larger sizes.

  3. Susan Susan
    April 6, 2015    

    love the better Johnny. Sigh….

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