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Roasting Lid Baking Method for Sourdough

I made another video using the roasting lid baking method for sourdough. The bread I made for this video, was the basic white sourdough with a modification of added evaporated milk and whole wheat. It came out nicely tangy and has a great wheaty flavor.

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  1. October 11, 2015    

    I was just wondering what computer software you would need to make business cards or labels from a home computer. Is is easy or even worth the time or money..

  2. Brian Brian
    April 21, 2013    

    Hello… Your site was recommend to me by someone that I asked a question of, on the KAF website. I have been using their extra tangy sourdough recipe as my learning recipe. And the 3 times I’ve cooked it it has turned out too dense in the crumb. They look beautiful but they don’t taste all that good because of the heavy dense crumb. I measure my flour by scooping it out of the storage container and sprinkling it into a bowl I have on my digital scale and measure it in grams. My sourdough starter from KA is 2 months old. I feed it the night before i use it and leave it out on the counter at room temp. I mix it and knead it in my kitchen aid mixer. I follow their recipe instructions to a Tee. I have a baking stone and a good gas oven. My question to you is… If I try your roasting pan recipe but I don’t have a roasting pan cover that big,is their a workable substitution for that setup? If not… Is their another sourdough recipe of yours that I can try that would be good for a rookie baker? I can cook bread either in my kitchen oven or in my outdoor Ceramic oven, also known as a Big Green Egg. If I can control the heat in both, which would you recommend? I thank you for your great website and look forward to learning my new baking hobbie from it.

    • April 23, 2013    

      Hi Brian, I think KAF would support you concerning your trouble with their formula.

      As for your other questions, you can use anything that you can fit over your dough in the oven. I have used tin foil molds, metal bowls, lids, etc. Whatever you use, be careful while handling it when it is hot.

      There are many many formulas for newbies to professionals in my book:

      You can also find recipes/formulas on my site, my forum and this blog.

  3. March 8, 2009    

    I try to find roasting lids at the thrift stores whenever I can. However, you can find them even on Amazon. Get the largest one you can find. The Aussie site no longer seems to carry the lames, so my son started making them, they are available on my site at: http://www.northwestsourdough.com/store.html
    Thankyou for your comments on my bread. Teresa

  4. Moriah Moriah
    March 8, 2009    

    Your breads are so beautiful! I’ve been looking for a roasting lid and I can’t find one large enough. Can you recomment one? Also I went to the website that you recommended for the lame ( I think it was Australian Sourdough) that you use and it was gone. Any suggestions?

  5. Meyer Meyer
    November 15, 2008    


    Thankyou for sharing.Have you heard of / tried the no knead method. It seems much simpler than the multi-step process. It seems to work. Even for sour dough. Below is a sour dough link. Above is the New York Times article.


  6. Michelle Michelle
    August 5, 2008    

    Hello, thatnks for your video! I was reading about the technique but was not too sure how to proceed 😉
    Very helpful!

  7. Leyla Leyla
    June 5, 2008    

    Your loaves look fabulous! I have been curious about baking with a lid for quite some time, and now I’ll have to try it!

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