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Sourdough and Digestibility with Vanessa Kimbell



Accomplished baker, Vanessa Kimbell wrote a great post on “Sourdough and Digestibility.” I was very interested to read her post because I have people frequently asking me this very same question. In my own family I did some experimentation (with willing, no actually demanding subjects) with the digestibility issue.


There is diagnosed Celiac, wheat and grain allergies, gluten intolerance and diabetes in my family, all conditions that don’t favor eating bread. You might freak out to know that I have wheat and grain allergies myself. I got tested because of some physical issues I was having. However, after I made sure I eat only the long fermented sourdough, much like Vanessa talks about in her post, my physical problems ( joint and gut issues and psoriasis have all but disappeared.


So my family members with problems pestered me to make some of the long fermented sourdough breads for them. I did and even though the person with Celiac disease cannot even be part of such a trial, the people with the allergies, gluten intolerance and diabetes have all found a favorable impact on their health by eating real sourdough (long fermented). They are the same people who might also do well if they tried ancient grains like Farro, Kamut, Einkorn, Spelt, Emmer and others.


My family member with gluten intolerance could tell right away that real sourdough was okay to eat because any other bread sent him running for the bathroom pretty quickly.  He was happy to finally be able to eat some real bread. My family member with diabetes monitors his blood sugar levels daily and found that regular (not large) amounts of real sourdough bread did not raise his blood sugar at all.


This post obviously needs a disclaimer that you should be under the care of your physician if you are going to experiment with your diet and health.  

So without further ado here is Vanessa’s superb blog post:



Weigh in with your comments below, do you have issues with gluten or allergies? Do you know people with diabetes that can eat real sourdough? What has been your experience? Can you post any links to some sites that help with this issue?


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  1. April 27, 2015    

    You know, I had to go paleo and grain free for a while during a pregnancy, discovered that it made a HUGE difference for me. But I did miss bread, and after some trial and error I figured out that eating mostly grain free and low starch is best but if I eat homemade sourdough bread that’s had at least a 24 hour ferment (preferably with some active ACV added to the liquid) it really improves my digestion. I’ve always had digestion issues, ever since I was a teenager and got a stomach parasite in Mexico. So yes – I can totally verify that in my experience, sourdough bread makes a difference. Not to mention it tastes so much better too! I’ve done some of the ancient grains, although since I’m a homesteader I’m thinking I should raise my own and I bet I would do even better with it.

  2. Duane Jardine Duane Jardine
    April 27, 2015    

    Here is some interesting info that came out on the sourdough.com forum. JohnD said this “Back to your interesting question about how some sourdoughs are so different,and have different qualities, keeping for example, yes ive noticed it bigtime, and the actual “why” is often shrouded in folksy stuff, and some of us just stab at reasons….. its my problem with the scientific academy that abstract research just doesnt happen anymore, its all industry-focused instead of investigating real people-benefiting streams….there was one senior researcher in the CSIRO in Australia,who had observed what i had suggested to him, that diabetics virtually “recover” by eating sourdough bread as a large part of their diet. Instead of just glibly attributing it to low GI, he realised there was a lot more to it, particularly in the production of hormones, yet he couldn’t do any research on it because it wasn’t industry-oriented and linked to making money” The URL to the whole post is this http://sourdough.com/blog/enzyme-bread-tech

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