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Super-serious Onion Rye Sourdough !

super onion crumb

Well the last batch of onion sourdough I called Serious Onion because I thought it was pretty intense….WRONG! According to my sons, it needed… more! So I baked up a batch of Super-serious Onion Rye Sourdough on Saturday. I made up a preferment on Friday night, putting all of my whole grains and whole flours into the preferment (sponge). I like to preferment any whole grains or flours because they handle better in the dough, they break down more so you get more flavor, so you can digest them better, and because they don’t steal hydration from the dough later on making dry bread.

Mostly because it just feels right to do it that way! I have been doing it for some time now since I noticed the flavor difference and the hydration of the dough difference. Anyway, here I am mixing up the new onion rye preferment and I go a head and put in twice the amount of the onion granules, toasted flaked onions, Dill seeds, Caraway seeds etc. I thought that fermenting those would be a great idea too. I meant to chop up and caramelize two or three large onions next day to put into the finished dough , but unfortunately I did not have the time to do that.


Next day I added the rest of the ingredients and bread flour, autolyzed, etc. The dough smelled so good that my teenage son pilfered some and fried it up in a skillet to eat for lunch because they couldn’t wait! A heavy wafting odor of onions and Caraway pervaded the kitchen. One of the commenters on the blog had a really great idea after my last batch of Onion Rye. He suggested blenderizing the caramelized onions and adding them to the dough. I was going to try that idea this time, but as I told you already, I didn’t even have time to carmelize any onions 🙁  We were up and about early and I mixed up the dough, then we took off for several hours and when I got back, I had to make up lunch and clean house besides taking care of sourdough. Anyway the Super-serious Onion Rye was looking great and I shaped it up, proofed and baked. One of my sons said it was the very best rye breads he had ever tasted.

However, I knew that he would have liked it even better if I had been able to get the carmelized onion into the dough! Here are some pictures of the Super-serious Onion Rye Sourdough:


more super onion rye

More super onion rye

The bread turned out really wonderful, it is moist yet chewy, heavy with flavor and just the right denseness for a great Rye. Super-serious Onion Rye toast is out of this world! Next time I do Onion Rye, I will follow the same recipe but I will add the carmelized onion!!!

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  1. July 8, 2015    

    Hi Everyone, I am working on this formula to add to my new sourdough baking course coming out this summer. Stay tuned!

  2. Karl Stehle Karl Stehle
    July 7, 2015    

    would you please send me the “Serious Sourdoughh Onion Rye Bread” recipe . I will use my 50 year old sourdough starter from Kotzebue , Alaska. I am very excited to get the recipe. I will email you my results!

  3. Dana Callen Dana Callen
    July 3, 2015    

    wbere is the recipe

  4. Michael Michael
    May 13, 2014    

    Great article.

    I’m a newbie. Any articles that go into detail regarding your ‘preferment’ step(s)?

  5. Richard Sherrington Richard Sherrington
    October 18, 2007    

    Just found your fascinating site and blog. Wonder if you’ll be including the Super Serious Onion Rye Sourdough recipe in your Special Recipes section.

    I have a starter that I started myself several weeks ago using the directions in Maggie Glazer’s book. If it doesn’t work out I’ll be getting some of your starters.


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