Super Sourdough Rye Success


Well after my flop yesterday, I still didn’t have any bread that would work for sandwiches….so back to the drawing board or mixing bowl, as it were !

I mixed up some Dilly Rye Sourdough which is a variation of my Dill Onion Rye. It bulk fermented for six hours. I poured out the dough and here is what the dough looked like, it was 6 lbs 6 oz (just right for dividing into three loaves) :

dough ball

I shaped it into three loaves at 2 lbs 2 oz each :

three loaves

Next morning after refrigeration the dough was already quite risen but I still proofed two more hours:


I then slashed:


I had preheated  my oven on low for an hour and then on high for another hour. It was cool in the house so the extra heat didn’t go to waste! Here is the first loaf:

first loaf

Second loaf:

second loaf

Third loaf:

third loaf

As you can see, the dough performed wonderfully and the bread came out great. The slashes have a nice “grigne” to them and the loaves have great loft:


Here are all three loaves together:

all three

The crust is crisp yet chewy, the crumb is airy and soft. This bread is wonderful!



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