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Blister Crust Glaze for Sourdough Bread


You could be eating fresh bread out of a hot oven on a cold day… doesn’t that sound nice?

Winter is such a great time to bake! You can warm up your kitchen with the smells of fresh bread and READ MORE »

How to get Blisters on Your Bread Crust

blistered sourdough crust

I have been called the queen of blisters…. ha ha ha! I love it! Now if you are from those countries where bread crust blisters are considered a fault, then go off and hide in the corner because this post isn’t for you.  Here in the USA we love blistered crust, READ MORE »

Video # 2 Fermentation and Folding Dough


I’ve got the second video finished. It’s called Blister Crust Sourdough Part 2 Fermentaion and Folding Dough.  I am working on video number three which will be about shaping, slashing and proofing. The final video will be about baking and the finished bread.  READ MORE »

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