Getting Around in the Udemy Course & Downloading Resources

Hello everyone!

I am posting this tutorial because many of my students have written me about having trouble getting around in the Udemy interface or finding downloadable resources.

If you are having trouble getting around in the Udemy interface and need a little help, then you might find the following information helpful.

When you are logged into Udemy and you open your course you can see a small square at the top right hand corner with an “i” in it. If you click on that icon it will take you to view a Udemy video on how to navigate the course.



If you are having trouble finding the resources in the course (the downloadable pdfs which are the formulas and any booklets). First you need to be in the lecture where the resources are available. In my courses go to any of the “formula” lectures and you will be able to follow the directions below:

Click the blue tab on the left hand side that says “resources available” on it:


If you click on it you will see this happen:



The left side will have a fly out and under the dark blue highlighted lecture will be any resources available, they will be in blue text and there will be a icon in front of it with a small arrow pointing to an open book. If you click on the blue text, it will open up to download to your computer so you can save it and print it out at your leisure. This will work for any lecture that has resources available.

You can also find a link at the very bottom of any lecture with a resource in it. So scroll all the way to the bottom of the lecture and see this:


Click on the blue text and you will be able to download the pdf to your computer to save and for future printout.

If you wish to know how to navigate around in the course so you can skip forward, backwards and find any lecture then do the following:


In every lecture you can find a small button at the left side that looks like this (see where the red arrow is pointing above). If you click on it, then you will see a fly out like this:


In the fly out, you can completely navigate around in the course with ease. Just scroll up or down to find whatever lecture you wish, then click on it to launch the lecture.

I hope this little tutorial has been helpful for you!

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