Interview: Weekly Inspiration for Success


Marc Isaacson kindly asked to interview me as his first guest on his new series “Weekly Inspiration for Success.”
For those of you who wish to catch the Blab interview on Youtube:


I made 50 coupons for each class at a super discount to go along with the interview. Once they run out, they’re gone:

Sourdough Baking 101 – 10.00
Bake Classic Sourdough Bread, Artisan Sourdough – 29.00
Learn to Bake Real Artisan Sourdough like a Professional – 39.00


In the interview I gave several links which I will also put here:

If you feel you have a success story to tell, contact Marc here:

Teresa’s memoir-


Books on Amazon: 

Teresa’s Instructor bio at Udemy: 

Northwest Sourdough’s youtube channel: 

Sherold Barr Smart Women (and Men) Make Money: 

The link to the Blab interview directly:



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