Last Two Days…

Teff Sourdough Bread

Teff Sourdough Bread

Teff10 Bread, “Experimenting with Sourdough”

Just a reminder, it’s the last two days, today and tomorrow, April 2 & 3. By Monday morning April 4th, Udemy is completely changing it’s pricing structure and no one will be able to offer any courses for less than 10.00.

So here you go one last time, all my courses are available at only 9.00 each. These coupons will automatically become void Monday morning and you won’t be able to get in on any deal under 10.00 again. It’s that simple. Some of the higher priced courses won’t go below 25.00. So if you’ve been wanting to join but you’ve been dragging your feet….

#1 Sourdough Bread Baking 101

#2 Bake Real Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional A

#3 Bake Classic Sourdough Bread Like a Professional B

#4 Old Fashioned Sourdough Baking – Delicious Quick Breads !

#5 Bake the Best Bagels

Learn to Bake Magnificent Challah

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Have fun baking everyone! Teresa


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