Reopening my Blog – So Grateful to All of You.


Hello everyone! As the new year draws to a close and a brand new year is just about to begin, I’ve decided to reopen my blog and continue on with my newest book, “100% Sourdough.”

The last several years have been devastating for me. I fled an abusive marriage which lasted 30 years. I thought things would get better and in some ways they did, but leaving an abusive person is the most difficult thing anyone can do (well in my opinion).


We survived and now we are now hoping to move but I have no idea where we are going next, so security still eludes us (I still have my two youngest at home). I am living in a shop for now, it is sort of like camping. However, I have a usable electric oven and I have been baking plenty, just not able to do a lot of blogging. Some of my blog posts have been on my daughter’s site at: Primal Kitchen Company Blog


I am planning on revamping my site and my blog with a new look, so check back and see what’s going on. I also would like to open my site to guest baker bloggers. So if anyone wants to post as a guest baker, please contact me and let me know, I will set you up with a sign in. Otherwise, if you are already blogging and would like me to feature or shout out your posts, let me know.


The baking ability of the sourdough home baker has skyrocketed since I began this journey over ten years ago. This is amazing and just what we were aiming for, those of us that tried to figure it out how to bake sourdough in the beginning when knowledge was scarce and it was impossible to find help.


We now have a large group on Facebook called: Perfect Sourdough and another one for advanced bakers and bakeries called: Artisan Bakers. My Northwest Sourdough page is on Facebook too. The formula for the Bread picture posted at the top is posted in the group Perfect Sourdough under Potato Water Sourdough, but I will do a post here soon on it and the double hydration technique used to bake up this lovely bread.


When I look back at the beginning of this blog, I have to laugh! I have come a long way too, especially with your help and support along the way. Happy Baking Friends!

Some of the stuff I’ve been baking:


softbread2 softbread1 chococake2 chococake1 potatodec4 potatodec3

The fundraiser to help us get into a decent home is almost over, if anyone feels moved to donate, you can help us out here :


My book “Discovering Sourdough,” is available here.

Thank you! Happy New Year!



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